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Thanks for visiting! I'm Annie, the Owner and Lead Designer of A Vintage Touch Weddings. My friends (and former clients) would describe me as a passionate, creative, and spunky perfectionist who is never impressed with "regular". I've designed over 200 events, and love to make each and every one as unique as each bride, and as stunning and breathtaking as she looks in her gown. I only do twelve of our largest Jen Package weddings per year because I pour my heart and soul into each one: I understand that you've been waiting for this day forever, and am dedicated to making it feel like the dreams you've never spoken aloud.


I graduated from the Art Institute of Minneapolis with a degree in Interior Design and Space Planning. While I started off doing "regular" Design in homes and businesses, my path always led to intricate and elaborate event design, which is where my talents really thrived. Our goal at AVT is to make each bride and groom feel like they have their own commissioned artistic team - like Kings & Queens did in the old days - ready to create a wedding that incorporates elements they could not buy or rent anywhere but here. Each bride has a love story that is like no other - which is what inspires us to keep coming up with more ideas. We feel so fortunate to be in this industry; this is our passion, not our job.


Let us know how we can make your day uniquely, and beautifully, yours!!