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Frequently asked questions

Wedding planning is complicated, but doesn't have to be! Having a great team of Vendors to take over the complexities of your day will make such a huge difference so that you're actually able to enjoy all the hard work you've put in, instead of worrying about what you may have missed. 
Below are the most common questions we receive about our services and how we work alongside your other hired vendors and family volunteers. If you have a question that isn't addressed here, please email us at info@avintagetouchweddings.com for more details, or to arrange a meeting at our studio!
Is there anything that *isn't* included in your Kristin, Jen & Complete design services that is decor-related?
Yes! With more than 300 weddings under our belt, we firmly believe from experience that a stress-free and unforgettable event isn't possible without a team of talented vendors. We feel so fortunate to know and work with some of Minnesota's most incredible industry professionals who take our own designs to the next level with their talents, and create ideas that inspire all of us. Creativity takes a village, and we love to get to be a part. We can't say enough about the following list of services, and how important they are to your wedding experience:
 - Linens: tablecloths, napkins, sashes, runners, ceiling drapery or chair covers are not included. We work exclusively with certain linen vendors whose products and service fit right into our own decor standards, but do not provide them ourselves. If you'd like to upgrade your linens from what your venue/caterer already provides, that is an additional cost to you, but one we are used to being involved with. (Exception: we do provide drapery on our own arches and backdrops, and linen runners for your head table only). A design package from AVT involves accompanying you to any linen company to make sure things are cohesive, but we do not cover the costs if you're choosing to upgrade from your venue/caterer's standards.
 - Floral: Floral - of any kind (live, artificial, client provided) - is *not* included in our packages. We believe the best decision a client can make after booking our services is to choose a florist who has a long history of specializing *only* in floral. As part of our services, we come up with a design concept that involves colors and overall style, but then defers to the florist to decide how to creatively implement that. An experienced florist provides a service that no one else can touch, including ours. We've discovered that the more creative freedom you give your vendors, the better your event will be.
- Graphic Design Services: Anything that requires a printer is not provided by AVT. We do only hand-drawn artistry, and leave print work to the professionals. If you need wedding programs, individual guest menus, favor tags for all your gifts, or save the dates and invitations, this is something that we cannot 
Your design services seem all-inclusive. Is there anything you don't provide decor-wise?
We can honestly tell all our clients that without hiring a professional florist you will not be getting the full impact hiring our company . We can do the most beautiful designs in the world, but the absence of the softness and textures floral provides will be half-do