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Best color of highlights for dark brown hair

If you’re thinking about applying a few highlights to your blonde hair, there are stuff that you need to know before doing so.

You can need to select best color of highlights for dark brown hairto produce the most natural looking results.

When you’ve chosen to use the highlight color you’ll need to select the color width, placement and thickness.

These will help you to decide if our highlights will change your hair color completely or only add dimension to the colour.

Toned skin

The highlight color will look fine against your skin tone. If you have brown, black, or olive skin and dark hair, you get a warm skin tone.

To the skin tone, chocolate, golden or strawberry undertones are the highlights that will look fine. If you have light eyes and fair skin, you get a cool skin tone.

You should pick brown hair with chunky highlights to improve the skin tone.

Natural hair colour, and hair quality

If your hair isn’t in really good shape, if you pick a color that is lighter than your natural hair color, you might hurt it further.

When you want natural-looking hair highlights, pick a color that is only slightly lighter than your natural colour. Choose a color that is slightly lighter than your natural hair color for dramatic performance.

color of highlights

Dimensional highlights

You should use two or three different colors including one shade lighter and yet another two shades lighter than your usual hair color to produce these styles of hair highlights.

It will help bring in the highlights and add another dimension. When you already have really light blonde hair you can add a darker blonde with low-lights or streaks.

Make density and thickness stand out

This will help to create a dramatic effect if you produce thick blond highlights but thinner highlights would appear more normal.

The sum of highlights will impact the seriousness of the look significantly. The darker the highlights usually the blonder the hair becomes.

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