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Side effect of balayage for your hair

If you had your hair colored years ago, your stylist would pick lines of hair and add a lighter color for famous stripes.

But today there’s a new alternative to highlight that’s becoming more popular: balayage. This technique involves dragging the dye through a brush from the top to the bottom of the head.

It results in a more natural color gradient from the top of the head, where it is more dark, to the bottom of the head, where it is lighter.

Balayage has many fans but not for everyone as there are cons of balayage for your hair.

ashy hairBalayage is expensive

The technique takes some time for the stylists to learn, and applying to your hair is also time consuming.

As such, balayage is not an affordable operation. For the balayage you must pay considerably more than for conventional highlights.

Because you need your hair done less often, however, the price can also end up down.

Balayage is quick to tighten

Make sure you’re going to a stylist who has comprehensive balayage experience. Ask for pictures of their work before deciding to let them work on your face.

Balayage is pretty easy to mess up or do badly as balayage use bleach, but if you go to an experienced stylist you have far better chances of a successful outcome.

side effect

Not that big for Ashy Hair

Ashy hair is not really sensitive to the highlights of scanning, so people with this sort of hair are not likely to pull it off. And it is recommended that they think twice before settling on something.

Does Brassy Hair Not Fit

Brassy hair can hardly brush off the scanner. Given that Rockville’s balayage hairstyles appear to make the hair look denser than before, people with naturally brassy locks will never take it in their footsteps.

Those brassy hairs already appear to look rougher and rugged.

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