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Way to lighten hair without bleach it at home

If you want to get lighter hair without a ride to the salon, take a step off the bleach. At best, you’re going to end up with some muddy tones or a hue that you didn’t have in mind.

You may burn your scalp at worst, or cause your hair to split and/or fall out. And then you’ll probably have to spend more time and money going to the salon — or even the doctor — for control of the damage.


I would not recommend bleaching your own hair at home unless you’re a trained professional with experience. Luckily, there are four much healthier ways to lighten hair without bleach at home.


When exposed to UVA and UV rays, the hair will lighten up by itself. Spritz equal parts of water and lemon juice onto your hair to quicken this cycle and soak up the heat.

A lemon juice mixed with water is the best way to do some lightening at home.

Sitting out in the sunlight adds to the process. However, Davis only recommends this approach for those with naturally blonde hair, as it can cause a reddish / orange color to come out of the hair when used on brunette hair.

Juice of lemon

Lemon juice and sunshine are the perfect way to lighten up hair! Being from California, this method still remains the most common and healthy way to lighten your hair. A little better on the budget too!

Remember to swim in the ocean, and know that your hair was lighter? For more lighten dyed hair at home you should apply sea salt to your mixture.


Yep, as with the tea. Brew a solid cup, let it cool and add for highlights on individual strands or pour over to naturally intensify the blonde and golden tones.

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